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About Us

As a trusted accessories manufacturer and supplier, we are specialized in producing of any kinds of Elastic, elastic Drawcord, Drawstring, Woven Tape, Tips, Woven label Printed Label, Hang Tag, Velcro etc.

We have 200 sets Drawstring/Elastic Drawcord machine, 12 sets Elastic machineries, 12 sets Woven Loom machineries and full computerized auto tips machineries. All machineries are world famous branded. Our products are very well known to top leading garments industries in Bangladesh and also to international top buyers.

Brothers accessories is well known for its high quality goods, reasonable price and honesty.

Message from Managing Director

Dear Friends,

This firm management has come adhered to the philosophy of permanent management. To train the workforce of the company on continues basis. Top management applies all kind of education programs on his executives of all levels, making sure that each and every single employee is performing all tasks in farm steps and in the utmost progress manners.

Thus the company's products would be kept in a consistent high quality and the traditions of the company would carry on to meet its permanent management goals.


Machine Made Quantity Capacity/Day
Muller Crochet
Switzerland 8 Set 80,000 yds
Dahu Crochet
Taiwan 6 Set 60,000 yds
Woven Belt
Taiwan 4 Set 40,000 yds
Auto Show
Lace Machine
Korea 100 Set 80,000 yds
Auto Trips
Taiwan 2 Set 20,000 pcs
Sewing Thread China 10 Set 4,000 Cone
Auto Warping
Taiwan 3 Set

Why Choose Us

1. Quality never a step back.

2. We aim to see everything is done on time from the start of processing raw materials to seeing the shipment reaches on time.

3. Every documents associated is maintained to avoid any miscommunication.

4. We work as a team with the productions line and constantly motivate them, so there is no scope for lack of concentration resulting in-damage, losses to the product.
5. Customer comes first and every customer is given individual attention. We understand the need and take suggestions as well.

Quality Assurance

  • Raw materials inspection-initial check-random check.

  • Pre-production meeting of the inspectors and stuff to ensure all the laid down agreed points for the final product is met and communicated well.

  • In-line inspection to inspect the quality of work-in-progress goods.

  • Full shipment checking of the processed goods before proceeding with packing.

  • Final inspection of goods and packing list before loading and shipment.

  • Verifying everything went in order and duly informing clients of the same.

Company Rules

Working hour of our company:
Workers remain at their job for ten hours in office (including one hour for meal, rest) and factory. In factory total weekly working hours is 48 hours (in one shift). Work in excess of these hours is paid for at attractive overtime rates.

Start Time:
Office : 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Factory: 1st Shift : 8:00 am to 6 pm
2nd Shift : 8:00 pm to 6:00 am

Leave and Holiday:
a. Casual Leave : 16 days in a year.
b. Annual Leave: 18 days in a year
c. Sick Leave : 16 days in a year
d. Weekly Holiday : On Friday
e. Maternity Leave: 3 months (paid full salary during this time)

Payment of Wages:
Salary shall be paid by the 5th day of each month

Social Security and Welfare:
Injury compensation: The relevant law of the country shall apply in injury to payment of compensation for injury sustained while on duty.

Washing Facility:
Our company arrange international washing facilities for workers.

Health and Sanitary:
We ensure that our work place (both office and factory) are adequately and sufficiently ventilated, satisfactory sanitary and washing facilities are also available in all of work place.

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